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  The  Origin of Birthday Cakes date all the way back to ancient times but the cake of then was very different from what we have today. The word ‘cake’ is said to have coined as early as 13th century and is said to have derived from ‘kaka’- an Old Norse word.
History of Birthday Cake can be traced back to the ancient Greeks who made round or moon shaped honey cakes or bread and took it to the temple of Artemis -the Goddess of Moon. Some scholars, however, believe that the tradition of Birthday cake started in Germany in Middle Ages. Sweetened bread dough was given the shape of baby Jesus in swaddling cloth and was used to commemorate his birthday. This special birthday cake later reemerged in Germany as a Kinderfest or the birthday celebrations of a young child. Germans also baked another special kind of a cake called Geburtstagorten as it was baked in layers. This was sweeter than the coarse and bread like cake that was usually made at that time.
   Sweetsurprises  is a small but growing business situated in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. We are steadily gaining an excellent reputation for high quality bespoke celebration cakes and our existing customers return time after time.
We stand out from other cake companies because we offer a higher standard of cake, we take our time over every cake to make sure that every bit of detail, no matter how small or insignificant is added and that everything looks perfect........If we don't love the cake, we won't send it!
       We work individually with each customer to create a unique and delicious cake for any occasion, there is nothing standard about our cakes! All of our cakes are made to order and so you can choose the size, shape, colours and flavours. Although our cakes are customised, if you have a picture of a cake you'd like then this is welcomed also. If you don't want to opt for a cake then we also do decorative cupcakes (cupcake stands available to hire) and cake pops, which can also be customised or you could even have them to match a cake.
      Our cakes come in all shapes and sizes  so whatever the reason for your celebration is,  whether its a Wedding cake, Baby's Christening  cake,  Girls birthday cake, Boys birthday cake,  Baby Shower cake or even a Corporate cake for your business, we can design and make the perfect cake.
Please take a look on the gallery pages at a selection of our cakes that we have made and see if there is anything you like, or  if you're still stuck for inspiration then let us know and we'll be only too happy to accomadate with some more ideas. Prices available on request (please use the contact form).
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